Half Term Adventures

Half Term Adventures: Five Fantastic Adventures For The Whole Family

We wanted to bring you some fun, at-home friendly, autumn half term adventures for the October half term. We’ve come up with five different activities for you and your family this October half term. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

One of our favourite autumn half term adventures is pumpkin picking! There’s plenty of pumpkin patches across the UK, a quick web search and you’ll find one near to you. Get your wellies on, wrap up warm, and head out to pick your perfect pumpkin. You’ll find lots of different pumpkins – big ones and small ones, even different coloured ones! Our top tip for visiting a pumpkin patch is to give yourself plenty of time (at least a couple of hours) and we recommend taking a picnic too!

Half Term Adventures
Visiting the Pumpkin Patch in our Toddle Born Wild Super Soft Adventure Scarf

Build a Den

When it’s a bit too cold or wet to get outside building a den is the perfect at home activity. Once we’ve built our den we spend most of the day in there playing games, having a picnic and even watching movies! You can use lots of different things around the house to build your den, our go to items are; blankets, pillows, chairs, and pegs (to keep everything held together!). Just make sure there’s a grown up supervising and completing all structural den-building checks!

Collect Conkers

Get wrapped up warm and head out to see how many conkers you can find! Once you’ve collected your conkers you can play lots of different games with them. The Five Minute Mum has plenty of conker games on her blog which we love, our personal favourite is conker races. Make sure you are careful when you collect your conkers – the shells are rather spikey! 

Bake a Cake

We are always inspired by the amazing Great British Bake Off bakers this time of year and think October half term is the perfect time to practice our baking skills. We may not have the best baking skills but we love spending some time in the kitchen with our little ones. If baking a cake isn’t for you why not try biscuit decorating or even baking bread! 

Get Out and About on a Family Walk

We love autumn here at Toddle Born Wild and enjoy getting out and about to see the changes that autumn brings. The changing colours of the leaves on the trees is one of our favourite things about autumn. You could find a leaf that has fallen off a tree and take it home to have a go at leaf rubbing. We also love to see the busy autumn wildlife! We like to head down to the river to watch the salmon run and see if we can spot any hedgehogs in our garden. 

Check out our Activities Page for more fun, at-home activities, or why not try the Toddle Born Wild Adventure Scratch Map with more than 20 fun-filled adventures for the whole family. You can get a free Adventure Scratch Map when you spend £10 or more (just add it to your cart!).

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