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Hero Hands – A Very Exciting and Special Toddle Campaign

Here at Toddle we have been inspired by the amazing work of the NHS and wanted to do our bit to help our incredible NHS heroes. We have been running a very special campaign over the last couple of weeks for the launch of our Hero Hands Alcohol Hand Gel.

The Inspiration Behind Hero Hands

“It was a case of thinking ‘what can we do to help?’” says Hannah Saunders, founder of Toddle. “Because we’re a skincare brand we had the infrastructure in place to make a really good hand sanitising gel, so we put a pause on some of our usual manufacturing and produced Hero Hands as a way to give back to our NHS heroes.”

We decided we were going to create a 70% alcohol hand gel with a special name and packaging inspired by the amazing work of the NHS staff. During the coronavirus outbreak we really saw the amazing work of the NHS staff up and down the country and knew we wanted to do our little bit to support the amazing healthcare workers in the UK. We decided to pause manufacturing on our other products to focus on creating our Hero Hands alcohol hand gel right here in the UK.

Our NHS Heroes

We wanted to do our bit to help our healthcare workers and have been donating our Hero Hands alcohol hand gel pouches to nominated NHS heroes. So, we asked our Toddle followers on Facebook and Instagram if they could nominate their NHS heroes and they didn’t disappoint! There was an overwhelming amount of support from our Toddle Team with so many nominations for NHS heroes from all across the UK! At Toddle, we loved hearing about your NHS hero nominations – the stories of these amazing staff and why our Toddle Team wanted to nominate them really made us smile. We are creating 500 thank you parcels for the incredible NHS heroes that you have nominated – it may only be a small gesture but hopefully it made the incredible NHS heroes smile (while protecting them too!). 

NHS Hero and Hero Hands nominee Dr Davis with her Hero Hands alcohol hand gel pouch.

Hannah’s Story – A Huge Thank You to the NHS

Toddle founder Hannah wanted to share her NHS heroes story…

I’ve needed the NHS a few times over the years, but the time that stands out in my mind was a day in July 2015. My 11 month old son, Eti, was out on his trike for a summer’s family walk. We’d stopped to chat to a neighbour and suddenly noticed our baby boy was slumped over in his trike. I quickly realised he wasn’t breathing and his lips were turning blue, so my husband got him out and I asked (probably more of a shout) my neighbour to ring an ambulance. She quickly came out with the operator on the phone ready to give us instructions. 

By now my boy was lying on the floor and my husband was checking his airway, we both had first aid training every few years in the RAF so on paper we knew what to do. Although I felt totally useless and seemed to have forgotten it all in that moment. The operator on the phone said to check his air way, which looked clear then to say ’NOW’ whenever he took a breath. He looked lifeless and blue and I didn’t think he was going to breathe again. I thought I was watching him die. She then repeated the need to say ’now’ when he takes a breath. I think she thought I hadn’t heard her, I had, he just was not breathing. I explained he still wasn’t breathing after 1 minute. 

By this point her tone changed and she seemed more concerned, although stayed calm and was incredibly helpful and reassuring in our darkest moment. Eti did eventually take a little breath, we noticed his stomach move just as a paramedic on a motor bike turned up. I’ve never been so relieved to see medical help in my life. What’s impressive is this was only 2 minutes after my neighbour picked up the phone. 

He walked over and established he had a pulse, a clear airway and was now starting to breathe, albeit irregularly and laboured. About a minute later a Doctor showed up in a car and 30 seconds later a proper ambulance. They blue lighted him to hospital, talking to him to try and get him to gain proper consciousness (his eyes were rolling and he wasn’t with it). When we arrived at hospital they took us into resus… a room full of 10 or so people ready to take my boy and make him better, I’d never felt so helpless but oddly reassured I could trust these utter professionals. They soon sorted him out – all sorts was going through my head, was this epilepsy, a stroke? They quickly told us it was nothing to worry about and he was back talking to us again. Turns out Eti had a febrile convulsion; but one that doesn’t present normally as he stopped breathing and didn’t really ‘convulse’. 

I am forever grateful to the NHS, for caring about my boy, for being so well trained and professional; I could trust them with the most important thing in my life. Their calmness and kindness has stayed with me to this day. As has the site of hundreds of cars moving out of our way as we rushed through the traffic, sirens blaring. Moving out the way so my little boy could get help. People are good and the NHS is wonderful. 

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