Make your own zero waste plant pot

It’s a weekday morning, it’s cold outside, the kids have way too much energy and you’ve got far too many cartons stacked in the recycling bin. Bring in the zero waste plant pot, we’ve got you covered. It’s an incredibly easy step by step process and we’ve even got a little video to explain it too. Keep the little ones amused for hours whilst teaching them about the importance of connecting with nature and maintaining a mini ecosystem. Here at Toddle, recyclable and refillable packaging is an important part of our ethos; our Happy Germ Hand Gel tube is made from a sugarcane bioplastic which is 100% recyclable!



Step 1:
Grab an empty juice or milk carton, make sure it’s empty otherwise you’ll get a surprise in the next step!


Step 2:
Cut the carton in half and rinse


Step 3:
Scrunch up the carton to make it more flexible


Step 4:
Starting from the top, peel off the outer packaging to reveal a rough brown underlayer


Step 5:
gently fold over the top of the carton

Step 6:
Poke some drainage holes in the bottom with the end of some scissors or a screwdriver

Step 7:
Fill up with some soil/compost

Step 8:
Plant some seeds or propagation and give it a good water to settle the soil

Step 9:
Voila, enjoy your little creation and pop it somewhere sunny to thrive

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