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Toddle Born Wild Natural Skincare – Guest Post by @StylingLifeToday

(GUEST POST | GIFTED) My name is Monica, creator of the StylingLifeToday blog! I’m a mummy of 2 boys: Michael – my blue-eyed 2-year-old angel, and Max, my gorgeous little charmer, who is now 5 months old! For my very first guest blog post, I got the chance to collaborate with Toddle! We were kindly sent a bundle of all-natural skincare products to test and review with my babies!

Our battle with eczema

Our family has suffered from various skin issues including eczema, dry and sensitive skin. Both my husband and I had eczema when growing up. Currently, I suffer from dry skin both on my face and scalp. Both my boys suffer from eczema which started when they were around 4 months old. I honestly couldn’t believe that soft as a baby’s bottom was no longer the case for us.

With Michael, we had gone from GP to private paediatrician trying all sorts of steroids, fungal creams and nearly every moisturizer on the market including Child’s Farm, Aveeno Baby, Weleda, Sakura, Cetraben and even prescription moisturisers. Nothing has fully cleared the eczema. It gets better for a little but then flares up again. It also seems that any flare-ups are usually best dealt with by steroids. But how long can you really use steroids for before they start to cause side effects? In our case, using steroids made parts of Michael’s skin turn white? Awful – I know. Not the effect you’re looking for, right?

And now my youngest, Max has developed patches of very dry skin which look very much like Michael’s so I am more than sure that it is eczema too. We just haven’t been to the GP with this issue yet. I have seen patches of dry skin develop on his wrists and back of his legs too. It really breaks my heart to see my little boys suffer from this skin condition.

The worst of the flare-ups we had with Michael, was when his eczema turned to small little puffs of liquid. This was not pretty and very uncomfortable for him. When he gets these flare-ups he is constantly itching his skin. This detrimentally affects his sleep, which is quite annoying as we spend months and months working on perfecting sleep, only to have everything ruined by a skin issue!

Ingredients that help with eczema

The best way to combat eczema is to ensure you check the ingredients of any and all products you use on your baby’s skin as 99% of the time, it is ingredients in the food we eat and products we use (including detergents, softeners, body wash etc) that dry out and inflame our skin. You should be looking for all-natural skincare products. Certain ingredients that you should be avoiding are parabens, perfume and linalool. These are the usual offenders when it comes to causing dry skin and eczema-type symptoms such as contact dermatitis.

What you should be doing

Here are a few pointers for what we have learnt that helps combat dry skin and eczema flare-ups:

  • Always, ALWAYS, keep your skin moisturised and when I mean moisturised I mean you need to moisturize at least three times a day. Dry skin means new eczema flare-ups. New eczema flare-ups cause itching, liquid-filled puffs on the skin and more dryness.
  • Be sure to check the ingredients of the products you use on your skin and baby’s skin. Some ingredients like alcohol can make eczema worse. Please note, I am no doctor or medical professional, so always seek proper medical advice before trying any new product.
  • Make sure to buy products with natural ingredients are they are less likely to irritate dry sensitive skin.
  • Don’t bathe too often – this is particularly true with babies/ toddlers as having daily baths will make their skin drier. We bathe both boys 1-2 times a week as the water in London is very harsh and we find it irritates their skin more.
  • Use natural simple coconut oil as a moisturiser. We use the cooking coconut oil – if it’s safe enough to cook with/ eat then it’s definitely safe enough to put on your body. This is what I usually use to moisturise the boys’ skin after they have a bath.
  • Colloidal Oatmeal bath soaks is good for protecting sensitive skin and soothes the itching and irritation caused by eczema.
  • Mix up the moisturisers that you use. We use one cream for a week then use another one the next week. When your skin gets used to a product, (like antibiotics), it no longer has any healing or moisturising effect. By swapping them around you don’t let your skin get used to the product too much, allowing it to work.

Review of our Toddle products

I have been kindly gifted the Toddle Born Wild Adventure Kit containing the Sun & Wind Balm, Happy Germ Hand Gel and Lip Balm. I was also sent a microfiber scarf for my toddler to wear when we finally go outside again! First and foremost I loved the packaging that the products arrived in. The box (recyclable) was pretty and the paper packaging covering each product is made from sustainable sugarcane. This is a great point to start with as the company cares about the environment and is eco-friendly. In a world where we all have to do our part to care for the world, this is a great step.

One great point about Toddle products is that they are formulated using low concentrations of essential oils such as lemon, geranium, clove bud, turmeric, sesame and lemongrass, to provide the scent, instead of alcohol and perfume which causes the skin to react.

Toddle also uses natural products such as organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and B, and cultures such as lactobacillus to provide their products with the relevant factors needed to make them effective at protecting children’s sensitive skin.

I love the fact that the products are specially made for children’s skincare by a mother whose passion is to care for your children’s skin when out and about. Their ethos is to get your children going outdoors more and their all-natural skincare products are designed to help with this. The products are made in Britain from all-natural ingredients. They are all cruelty-free, vegan and PETA approved.

The sunscreen comes with a toggle which you can clip to your pram, stroller, diaper bag or even camping gear (for the really adventurous families) which is handy. I was so happy to find a lip balm in the package as I have always wondered where I could a lip balm specifically for babies and children. This particular one is designed to be dribble proof and contains jojoba oil and shea butter to help with keeping their lips moisturized and protected. I, of course, tested the lip balm on my own lips and found it to soothe my chapped lips.

The hand gel is a great idea as normal adult hand sanitisers contain alcohol which as mentioned above will dry out most skin types especially those of children. The Toddle Hand Gel smelt great, wasn’t sticky and went on quite easily. I was very happy with these natural skincare products by Toddle. The microfiber scarf is great for sensitive skin as well, since it is gentle on the skin and aimed at preventing sweat. The design was gorgeous, neutral and very toddler friendly.


I was very pleased with all the products and I found they are well designed to ensure baby’s sensitive skin remains soft, supple and not dry. Thank you Toddle for the opportunity to test these and provide my review for you. For those adventurous families and children (even as adventurous as mine with our fun-filled trips to the park, pre and post lockdown of course) I highly recommend you check out this brand and their amazing baby-friendly products.

Thanks so much for the review, Monica!

We love hearing all of your Toddle reviews, and seeing our products join you on all your family adventures.

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