How to spot a shooting star UK

Spot a Shooting Star

If your family has one of our Adventure Scratch Maps, we hope you’ve been able to check off all sorts of fun adventures.

If you still need to scratch off ‘Spot a Shooting Star’ then we’ve got some exciting news. You ought to be able to spot the Orionid meteor shower from the UK this month.

The best opportunity, if the weather is clear, will come on the evenings of the 21st and 22nd October, when you might be able to spot up to 20 meteors per hour! What a magical way to spend time together.

How to spot the Orionid meteor shower in the UK
How to spot the Orionid meteor shower in the UK

If it’s a clear night, look up to the sky and find Orion (the hunter). You might remember from school how to find him — look for the shiny belt!

Just to the left of Orion, the Orionids should be visible throughout the night. You could see up to 20 an hour.

There are plenty of other fun family ativities to scratch off the Adventure Scratch Map together.

It’s a beautifully designed keepsake, so you can treasure your family’s adventures for years to come.

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