Toddle Mothers Day Button Pendant

Super easy Mother’s Day pendants

Jewellery made by a child is always really special, and something to be cherished forever — and this activity is no exception. This activity does use a glue gun so do take care and supervise little ones. If you’ve not got a glue gun handy (or you children are very young) you could use other decorations such as small pom poms or paper using a glue stick.

You’ll need to gather your materials: old jam jar lids, glue gun (low temp if possible), buttons, and ribbon or twine for the lace.

Start by attaching the twine to the back of the jam jar lid. Make sure that it’s not too long, but that it will either fit over mum’s head (if it’s going to be worn as a pendant) or the right size to hang up somewhere in the home.

Sort through your buttons and choose ones that will work best with the size of your lid.

Now it’s time to get creative! Glue on the buttons. You can either add the glue directly to the lid and pop on the buttons, or very carefully add it to the buttons then fix them in place. Make sure to supervise this as the buttons could get hot!

Wait for the pendant to cool before wearing, hanging or giving out as a gift.

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