Puddle Splashing

Wet Weather Adventures

Looking for wet weather activities for your kids?

I’ve always loved the outdoors, so when my children were born I was determined that it wouldn’t stop us having adventures. It turned out to just the beginning of a whole new adventure!

Well, a little rain or bad weather isn’t going to stop us either, and autumn usually brings some good opportunities to play out in the rain.

Our Adventure Scratch Map is a great way to track your family’s adventures, and there are some which are especially suited to rainy days:

Jump in a puddle

This one goes without saying. Bonus points for the biggest splash!

Have a snail race

Snails like getting out in the rain almost as much as we do! Gather a few together, create a race track in the garden and watch them go… (at their own pace).

Write to a pen pal

If it’s really staying-in weather then revive the art of letter writing. Kids (and big kids) love the excitement of receiving a proper, hand-written letter from a friend.

Share your adventures

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