50 Activities To Cure Boredom In Kids

50 Activities To Cure Boredom In Kids

There's not much worse than hearing "I'm bored!" chants for the 100th time that morning, and it is only amplified by the summer holidays. When school is away, the children must play... at all hours of the day. 

Here are 50 ideas to cure boredom in your children so that you can get some peace (hopefully?).

1. Fly a kite

2. Go on an adventure! 

3. Try birdwatching

4. Bake a cake

5. Go camping in your garden

6. Find a new place you've never explored before

7. Make jewellery

8. Hide toys in jelly and let your children dig them out

9. Explore a museum

10. Makeovers! 

11. Go to lunch and try something new off the menu

12. Watch a movie marathon

13. Have a sleepover party

14. Visit a park

15. Read a new book

16. Create a scrapbook

17. Build a fort

18. Go swimming

19. Find the local fun fair 

20. Have a BBQ

21. Watch the local fireworks display

22. Play board games

23. Go on a picnic

24. Try horse riding

25. Go to the cinema

26. Have a playdate

27. Create a bucket list

28. Make a treasure hunt

29. Go to the zoo

30. Play hide-and-seek

31. Have a water fight

32. Go to the seaside

33. Have a road trip

34. Go to a music concert

35. Make a scavenger hunt

36. Go rock climbing

37. Have a bonfire

38. Bake cookies together

39. Go bowling

40. Put on a talent show

41. Have a dance party

42. Visit family

43. Build your own garden

44. Put on a play

45. Have a spa day

46. Have a tea party

47. Relax with mindfulness

48. Have a photoshoot

49. Cook a new recipe together

50. Make ice lollies!


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