Creating A Scavenger Hunt Your Kids Will Enjoy

Creating A Scavenger Hunt Your Kids Will Enjoy

During the holidays, it can be tricky to keep coming up with ideas on how to keep your children busy. An idea that you thought was super fun and entertaining will only keep them engaged for 10 minutes before they're complaining about being bored again! 

Enter: the scavenger hunt. I think that we have collectively underestimated the power of the scavenger hunt! 

What is a scavenger hunt? 

The scavenger hunt is where you compile a list of items that your little one needs to find and bring back to you. Simple, yet so effective! Make it as hard or as easy as you want. 

The first scavenger hunt I created was super easy because I had serious doubts that it would even get completed. Well, my sons delivered me everything I'd asked for within minutes. 

They even decided to make a game out of it themselves and see who could complete the hunt within the shortest amount of time! 

Making your own scavenger hunt

It could not be easier to create your hunt. Get a piece of paper and write down a few things that your children can find around them. A simple scavenger hunt might include items such as:

- a pen

- your favourite toy

- remote control

However, if you wanted to make the scavenger hunt a little more difficult and time consuming, make the items a little harder like this: 

- a blue sock

- something you eat with

- a green item from outside

These interpretive items will help your children explore on their own and work on their independence! 

Where to host your scavenger hunt

The simple answer to this question is - wherever you want! You can create indoor scavenger hunts for rainy days (when the boredom is really in full swing!) or you can host them outdoors and let your children get some fresh air. 

Alternatively, create a scavenger hunt with items both indoors and outdoors and get the best of both worlds!


Scavenger Hunts are great for keeping kids occupied during the school holidays and beyond. They also provide an opportunity for your child to learn independence skills while having fun!

What are you waiting for?

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