How to start running with your 5 year old!

How to start running with your 5 year old!

Being a parent and wanting to maintain a running habit can be a challenge!
Between finding time to do things for yourself, keeping on top of life-admin, and keeping up with your running routine, including your little one to your run might seem overwhelming or down-right madness! But don’t worry, below are some top tips for you both to enjoy running without any tears!

 1.      Start By Walking
If your kids have never intentionally gone running before, start by going walking with them! Gradually increase time and distance, gamify your targets and new personal bests to keep them engaged. 
Practise running to the street corner, the telephone pole, or a distant tree throughout the walk. Encouraging a playful way of short burst running, but stick to a slow casual pace. Eventually these short bursts will get longer and longer each time!

2.      Plan For Lots of Stops
Some kids may tolerate a full run, but others may not be at that level yet, so prepare for lots of breaks. This could be bathroom breaks or small snack stops.

3.      Find The Fun Runs

Find some local ‘Fun Runs’ and sign up. That way they can see other kids their age out running and having a good time. Incentivise and get them excited about competing and the achievement of taking part. Plus, if you have kids of different ages, this offers a chance for all of them to go out and do something at their own pace!

4.      Add a Bike or a Scooter

If your 5 year old cant quite keep use a prop: a bike or a scooter so you can run alongside. this will help them enjoy it, over time if they see you enjoying it, they will most likely try it for themselves.

5.      Use Your Run as Bonding Time

There’s no better way to connect with your kids by getting fresh air, exercise, and meditative moments together. It helps teach your kids about what the body and mind are capable of and to install a lifelong love of health and fitness. Find a bench in a nice park for a break and enjoy your time together!

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