Keeping Children and Babies Entertained During the Holidays

Keeping Children and Babies Entertained During the Holidays

Are you looking for some fun holiday activities for kids and babies? Well, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll share our top picks for fun holiday activities for kids, toddlers, and babies.

The holidays are a time for family bonding, laughter, and joy. And they also bring out the kid in everyone. Whether you're hosting a party or taking part in a community event, these activities will get everyone involved.

Here are some fun holiday activities for children and babies. They include games, crafts, and other ways to enjoy the season.

1. Scavenger Hunts!

Creating either an indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt is an excellent way to keep children of all ages entertained. The best bit is that you can hide the items within five minutes but it will keep your kids entertained for hours! 

For babies, consider hiding the items in a small space such as a sandbox or a ball pit so that they can easily find them. For children, however, don't be afraid to hide them further away and spread the game out. This will keep them entertained for much longer! 



2. Take A Family Walk or Hike

Is there anything better than getting out into the fresh air as a family, while also getting your steps in? Children love exploring new areas, so why not all set off on a hiking trail that you've been meaning to try? Babies can chill out in their pram or carrier while you do all the hard work, and the children can run and enjoy nature. 

Don't forget to take your sun spray and insect repellent if you're going on a hike in the wilderness! 



3. Tick Something Off Of Your Bucket List

A family bucket list can be a great way to enjoy activities together as a family. The kids will enjoy the adventures as well as the scratch-off square that they can play with afterwards. Being able to tick something off of a list will keep your child engaged and wanting to do more things off of the bucket list, so this is an excellent activity to keep them entertained during the holidays.

Plus, you'll make a lot of great memories. Toddle also has a bundle that you can opt for called the Adventure Bundle, including the bucket list, baby lip balm, their award-winning probiotic hand gel, and a eco snood! 




We hope that you enjoy any activity that you get up to during the holidays with your kids. Just remember to always have the best skincare to protect their delicate skin! We would highly recommend the family bucket list, as that contains 100 activities to keep you all busy - will you be able to fit them all in during just one holiday?

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