The Fear of Insect Bites Ruining Your Adventurous Days Out? Here’s How To Soothe Them

The Fear of Insect Bites Ruining Your Adventurous Days Out? Here’s How To Soothe Them

Insect bites and stings are a guaranteed way to ruin a fun day out. One minute, everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. The next - mayhem. Your child is screaming, the insect is nowhere to be seen (vengeance will NOT be yours, this time), and you’re struggling to think of how to soothe the sting. 

Here are three ways to soothe an insect bite so that you never have to suffer through this situation again. 

Bite & Sting Relief Saves The Day! 

The best and most effective method to soothe an insect bite is to carry a Bite & Sting Relief with you on all of your adventures. Our reliever uses natural ingredients to cool the affected site and leave it with long-lasting relief.

Simply apply the relief onto the bite as soon as it disrupts the peace and let it work its magic. Our Bite & Sting Relief works for 6 hours, so you can enjoy the rest of the day without the bite bugging you. 


Ice Ice, Baby

Ice works to reduce inflammation and offer instant relief by numbing the skin around the bite. You can use an ice pack on the affected area or use a bag of frozen peas. Leave the ice on for no longer than five minutes as it can damage skin - especially sensitive, young skin!

Magical Aloe Vera

Another option is to break off some aloe vera, if you have a plant handy, and rub the gel within the leaf onto the bite. Aloe vera has several amazing qualities, and it seems as though it has a use for everything!

The issue with aloe vera is that it’s not as long lasting as other remedies. While it might offer relief straight away, once the gel dries on your skin you’ll need to keep reapplying. 


How Can We Prevent Bug Bites? 

Having a remedy for insect bites can save your day out and make the effects less noticeable. However, if you could prevent the insect bite in the first place, wouldn’t that be better? 

At Toddle, we want to prevent children from being bitten in the first place. Our Insect Repellent for Children has proved to be a great success, and will prevent your child from being bitten from the likes of mosquitoes, horseflies, midges, lice, wasps, sand flies, ticks and fleas.


Overall, carrying a Bite and Sting relief with you at all times is by far the most effective way of soothing an insect sting. While ice and aloe vera might be good alternatives, how often do you carry them around in your bag? 

If you want to be proactive and prevent the sting from ever taking place, however, we definitely recommend an insect repellent. Enjoy your adventure without the fear of bugs ruining the day! 

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