If you’ve purchased a Alcohol Free Kids Hand Sanitiser from us before, then we’re delighted to help you save one bottle from being sent straight to landfill! Our sanitiser can be refilled again and again with this handy eco-friendly pouch!

The sanitiser that comes within the refill pack is exactly the same as what came in your original bottle - a zero-alcohol sanitiser that kills up to 99.9% of germs without any harsh ingredients. This is the perfect protection for little hands with sensitive skin. 

This ocean-friendly hand sanitiser produces 80% less waste than a traditional plastic bottle of hand sanitiser would. Not only that, but this refill pouch contains enough product to refill your original bottle three times! 

Not only is that excellent value for money, but you’re also saving three bottles from ending up in the ocean. 

We’re also happy to offer a Subscribe and Save option in which you can save 20% on your purchase and never run out of your child’s best protection against viruses and bacteria. 


Water, phylosillicate and active chlorine (125 mg/l).


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