Drool rash can be really upsetting for both parent and child, and once it sets in, it can be quite difficult to manage. We wanted to prevent drool rash at the source, which is why we are happy to offer our Lip and Cheek balm! 

Our balm is made from organic jojoba and shea butter, which are two amazing natural moisturisers. Use this balm to protect lips from chapping during the cold weather as well as cheeks and chin from excess dribble. 

The formula of our wonder balm has been made so gentle that it can be used on children and babies of all ages - so it’s perfect for any periods of teething or illness. 

Even if your baby or child has developed chapped lips or dribble rash, don’t panic. You can also use our Lip and Cheek Balm to soothe these problems and make healing quicker and less uncomfortable for your little one. 

We have also included a Toddler Toggle on the tube so that you can attach it to their bags - that way it will always be with them in case of an emergency!

  • Organic jojoba and shea butter – natural moisture boosters
  • Formulated to prevent chapped lips and dribble rash
  • Toddle Toggle – clip to bags and buggies so it’s easy to find when you need it most
  • Formulated in Wales and made in Cheshire, UK 


Our childrens natural lip balm is packed with great ingredients. You’ll find:

 Hydroxystearic/linolenic/oleic polyglycerides, coconut oil (organic), Isopropyl myristate, olive fruit oil (organic), sunflower seed oil (organic), shea butter (organic), jojoba seed oil (organic), Tocopheryl acetate (organic)


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