Hiking and exploring nature can be extremely fun for little ones, and sometimes it can be so exciting that we forget all about protection from the elements. A snood is a versatile item of clothing that can be used (in more ways than one) to protect us from sun, snow, wind, and more! 
Our snoods are so versatile, in fact, that they can be worn at least 8 different ways (can you find them all?). They’re made of circular fabric to keep necks warm and away from the harsh elements. 
Don’t you find that it’s always the neck that suffers the worst wrath from the weather? Whether it’s sunburn, cold drafts, or windburn, the neck always seems to get it the worst. But with our snood, you can say goodbye to these issues for your children!
We make our snoods out of rPet fabric, which is another way of saying recycled plastic bottles. We like to think that we’re working together to do our part of preventing plastic from ending up in the oceans, so we thank you for your help! 
Now with four new designs to choose from, everyone in the family can look as cool as each other with their matching snoods.
  • Super soft- and gets softer wash after wash
  • Made from recycled bottles (rPet fabric*)
  • Versatile can be worn 8 ways (although we challenge you to find more!)
  • Cool new design chosen by our followers (thanks guys).
*Circular fashion like this requires far fewer raw materials and prevents plastic bottles ending up in landfill and the ocean. They can keep necks warm instead (we think it’s what the bottle would have wanted).


 Made from 4 recycled bottles (approximately!). rPet Fabric.


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