Adventure Kit (worth £27 if bought separately)


The bundle provides everything you need to nourish and protect in the colder months. Whether you’re trekking through wind and rain or battling germs, we’ve got your back.


So get out there this winter, after all there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad kit! (oh and your skin’s waterproof too!).


The Adventure bundle includes: Our Sun & Wind Balm, Happy Gut Hand Gel and Adventure Scarf. It comes in a seriously cool box too.


Our baby winter skin protection Adventure Kit is great for adventures big and small.


For ingredients please see each products individual listing, as linked below.


Sun & Wind Balm
Happy Gut Hand Gel
Adventure Scarf (That has no ingredients, but still…)

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1 review for Adventure Kit (worth £27 if bought separately)

  1. Diving Zenobia

    We are a family run dive centre in Cyprus, we love your content!

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